Dimension Driveways and Patios


The Best Pattern Imprinted Driveway Installers

We believe our workmanship speaks for itself. With numerous different driveway and patio options, it is hard enough to pick the right options for you without feeling pressured from salesmen or door to door canvassers. With our wealth of knowledge in the building industry, we are confident that we can give you the right options for you with a competitive quote whilst only using the very best materials.

We have learned very quickly that if you buy cheap materials, you buy twice.

If you are going to the extent of having pattern imprinted concrete installed for your drive or patio, why scrimp or save on materials? stamp concrete is supposed to last a lifetime.

Pattern imprinted concrete is designed to be weed free and last for years above any other driveway option, the better the quality of materials, the longer this will last. 

Our concrete is guaranteed for 7.5 TONS and fiber meshed and air entrained. this gives your drive added strength that results in better longevity.

With over 20 years time served fitters of pattern imprinted concrete, we have the expertise to install your drive or patio to the highest of standards. Dimension Driveways are P.I.C.S contractor installers. Pattern imprinted concrete is an ideal solution for all driveways and Patios, that is cost effective and virtually maintenance free.

It is also relatively maintenance free, with no weeds or sinking to worry about as in other Driveway & Patio options.