Dimension Driveways and Patios


Our concrete is the highest specification for pattern imprinted driveways, we do not use cheaper or inferior products like some of our competitors.

We maintain a high standard of workmanship that leaves our installations, second to none.

Installing Concrete Driveway & Patios

Once we have surveyed your site and agreed the correct pattern and colour that compliments your surroundings, we install to a minimum depth of concrete at 100 mm or 4 inch for driveways and 75 mm or 3 inch patios.

All ground works are carried out according to accepted guidelines and drawings and are catered for to industry standards. Our Concrete is competent up to 7.5 ton for life and concrete specifications wherever possible are p350 air entrained, this keeps all the air molecules to a minimum, this helps for hot days where normal concrete would expand too much and aids against cracking as much as possible.

Hot summer days then cold nights over a short period of time is the cause for most driveways cracking, air entrained concrete keeps this to a minimum by reducing the air molicules in the concrete. It also has fiber reinforcement which is as competent and strong as the old style re-bar pressed concrete (placing steel bars within the concrete before curing). This is done to strengthen the concrete but with our fiber method it reinforced against every tensional stress angle where as re-bar does not. Our above industry standard materials help give you peace of mind and a longer lasting drive or patio.

Our concrete is the highest specification for pattern imprinted driveways, we do not use cheaper or inferior products like some of our competitors.

Our Materials are the Best

Every pattern imprinted drive is unique, with a large range of patterns and colours there is something to suit everyone’s tastes. We have numerous different finishes we can apply to the concrete from super high gloss right down to complete matt finish.

Anti-slip can also be added to the resin to give you better footing on your driveway or patio. With 20+ years of experience in the pattern imprinted concrete (formerly stamp concrete) we have a wealth of knowledge in the industry, assuring you get the right drive or patio for your personal tastes.

Our brochure can be seen here with our different prints and colours, if you do not see something that suits your requirements, please give us a call as we are a P.I.C.S assured contractor and can source a vast array of different prints and colours. With no weeds to worry about, pattern imprint really is maintenance free as there are no joints for the weeds to penetrate through. We guarantee our concrete for 7.5 tons to ensure no sinking or lifting as with other driveway and patio options.

This really is a much more cost effective way of replacing your drive or patio with the average age of pattern imprinted concrete lasting for 25+ years. How many driveway options can give you that reassurance? Our materials that we use are over and above industry standards, we believe if you are going to the cost of replacing a drive or patio, materials should not be scrimped on.

The concrete used is fibre meshed, air entrained to reduce the air molecules in the concrete, this prevents expansion and contraction in extreme temperature weathers that cause cracks and crumbles in inferior concrete. The base colour is also a colour hardener, again we use the very best available that do not fade in the UV light and help cure the concrete to its maximum strength.

All pattern imprinted concrete is coated in a resin to prevent water penetration, the solids in the resin are the acting ingredients that are left on your drive once it has been applied, industry standards are around 17%-18% solids, our custom made resin by P.I.C.S are minimum solids of 28%. Ensuring your drive has greater longevity and looks much better than our competitors for longer.